Vivolink Active Speaker Set, Hvid 2x30W

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VivoLink aktiv/passiv projektor højtalersæt

Kraftfuldt højtalersæt bestående af én passiv og én aktiv 2-vejs højttaler. Tiltalende og kompakt design med fremragende lydgengivelse. Lydniveau og bas-/diskantjusteringer betjenes nemt direkte på højttalerenheden. Ideelle til lokaler op til 50m2, såsom mødelokaler, klasseværelser, resstauranter, hoteller og kontorer.

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Projektorhøjttalere med lavt strømforbrug

Professional stereo speakers in a rugged and durable design
for meetingrooms, conferencerooms and classrooms
Professional Speakers
with Powersaving stand-by function
The PROSPEAKERS is a powerfull stereo speakersystem suitable for meeting- and conferencerooms,
classrooms and more Despite the compact design,
the PROSPEAKERS deliver excellent sound through
use of the integrated 2-way speaker units
The PROSPEAKERS is equipped with a powerfull basswoofer and a combined midrange and tweeter unit
which contributes to powerfull and great sound
The PROSPEAKERS mounts both standing and via
wallmount and can even be used in horizontal position The system includes 10 meters speaker cable for
use between the active and the passive unit
Volume, bas and treble control on active speaker
Rugged & durable design
Standby (ECO) function (0,SW in standby mode)
PROSPEAKERS specifications
Frequency response
RMS effect
Dynamisk PMPO effect
Max SPL (sound pressure level)
Speaker units Bass
Tweeter dome
Construction Enclosure
Mounting panel
Magnetically Shielded
Power supply
Connections AC power
Signal in
Speaker output
Weight / Dimensions (W x H x D) 6 kgs
Accessories in the box
45 Hz – 20 Khz
2 x 30 Watt (4 Cl)
2 x lS0Watt
110 dB
230 – 240 Volt AC
Max. 75 Watt
Euro power
2 x RCA & Stereo 3.5 mm
178 x 240 x 162 mm
Power Cord, Wall brackets,
10 m speaker cable
1. Volume control: With this button you can easily set desired volume.
2. Treble control: Here you can increase or decrease the high frequency. Increasing high frequency can
improve the intelligibility. Adjust it to the desired level. In the center position the sound should be neu-
3. Bass control: By adding bass you can add depth to you sound source. Decreasing bass can improve the
intelligibility of spoken messages.
4. RCA inputs: Here you can connect your sound source. These inputs have to be connected to an input
signal at LINE level (CD, DVD, VHS, Tuner, Mixing table etc).
Connecting a microphone will give bad result. In the case, you should use a microphonemixer or built-
in amplifi er. The left RCA plug (red) will feed the built-in amplifi er for the passive external loudspeaker.
The right (white) plug will send your music to the amplifi ed main unit.
5. 3.5 mm stereo jack input: This line level stereo input is very useful to connect your computer and portable sources (CD, MD, MP3 players etc).
6. Mode switch: This switch turns your P-240AMP-ECO in a full stereo or a very compact full option mono
system. When switched to the mono mode, you should only use the “Left” inputs.
7. Speaker output: These two pin EUROBLOCK plug should be used to connect the enclosed passive
loudspeaker. Using other loudspeakers can give bad results and even cause damage to the main
P-240AMP-ECO unit. Be sure the “+” socket of the main unit is connected to the “+” of the passive
loudspeaker and the “-” to “-”.
8. Mains socket: The unit can be branched to the main circuit by standard IEC type power cord. This socket
contains a 1 A slow blow fuse. Use a screw driver to fl ip out the fuse compartment and to replace the
When this fuse blows frequently you should bring the speaker to a qualifi ed service center. First check
whether you didn’t use a quick-blow fuse.
9. On/Off: When the AC plug is connected to the mains circuit, you can turn the unit on and off with this
button. When the unit is switched ON, the green led should illuminate.
10. Heat sink: When using you speakers at full power and for a long time, this heat sink might become very
hot, do not touch! Take care when placing the speaker too close to other items that may be heat sensi-
Instructions for use

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  • Type: Aktive højtalere
  • Woofer diameter: 5,25″
  • Tweeter diameter: 1″ dome
  • Power: 2 x 30 Watt
  • Audioinput: 2xRCA + Stereo 3,5mm
  • Mono/stereo output
  • Energiforbrug: 0,5 Watt i standby
  • Inkl. 10m højtalerkabel + strømkabel

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